Underwriting 24-7 is the trading name of WWGroup

Underwriting 24-7 is the trading name of the WWGroup underwriting agency which focuses on trading with broker partners only. We have a proactive and flexible approach to business with the aim of developing long-term relationships which our broker partners can rely on. As a specialist broker our in-house products provide competitive rates with significant policy extensions. As we have exclusive schemes this enables us to have access to a wide range of discounts to ensure that we can provide the most competitive premiums.

We employ knowledgeable and friendly staff who have a vast amount of Underwriting experience. We will discuss all types of risks and provide in-house underwriting decisions and expertise in order to deliver a fast and flexible response. We only operate on an exclusive ‘first come first served’ basis, so we will only provide one exclusive quotation for any risk we receive. Our Providers are a select panel of A-Rated Insurers that allow us to provide products which are market leading and provide security to our policy holders.