Group Personal
Accident Insurance

The scheme is designed to provide cover for associated trades for Personal Accident insurance

Our Group Personal Accident insurance allows businesses to give a package of benefits to their employees and dependents or to insure themselves against the financial effects of the loss of services of an employee.

There are generally difficulties associated with the placement of Group Personal Accident insurances, especially for those involved in high risk activities such as 

What does your business need to protect?

  • Death
  • Loss of one or more limbs
  • Total and irrecoverable loss of all sight of one or both eyes
  • Loss of hearing, speech, fingers or toes
  • Group cover
  • Permanent total inability to undertake any occupation or business

Extensions of cover available:

  • Accidental death of visitors
  • Outpatient travel expenses
  • Catastrophe
  • Medical Expenses

With our established and substantial connections with Insurance Companies and Underwriters in London, we have developed unique and special arrangements whereby insurances are arranged for Group Personal Accident at competitive and realistic terms.

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