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Diamond Drilling Contractors  

If you are engaged in the diamond drilling industry you will require insurance that delivers the right protection at the right annual premium. Diamond drilling work as with the building and construction industry generally involves many serious risks that require robust insurance cover.

WW Group have been specialising in this high risk insurance for the building and construction industry for many years and understand how these can be most effectively insured.

You do not want to be under-insured or insured for the wrong risks, so having our diamond drilling insurance scheme will give the right level of cover at a competitive premium.

Our diamond drilling insurance scheme will cover you for:

Employers' Liability
Bodily injury to employees arising out of their work whilst engaged in their business activities.
Public Liability
Cover for the insured’s legal liability in the event of bodily injury to any third party person and/or damage to third party property.
Product Liability
Product liability cover in the event of accidental bodily injury to any person and damage to any property occurring caused by the product supplied by the insured.

Key Benefits

- Underwritten In Lloyds — “A” rated Insurer - Public Liability — Any limit available
- No Height or Depth restrictions - Employers Liability — Any limit available
- Hazardous locations extension - Instant Documentation — Produced in house
- Heat — included - Wide coverage under policy wording

Services for UK based residents and businesses only

Wheatley Wright Insurance Services Limited, trading as WWGroup, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority